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Artisan Tier Datu Tim Hartman Series Daga Trainer

Artisan Tier Datu Tim Hartman Series Daga Trainer

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          Handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer. The 7” hand ground blade is matched with a flame treated jute wrapped handle.  The jute is infused with marine grade resin to create a grippy and permanent , phenolic handle wrap.   Blade and pommel feature our hand textured Dragon Hide finish. Overall length of 13 3/3”. Weighs 6.5oz.
         All our products are individually handcrafted to order for you. Please allow one to two weeks before shipping.
        Datu Hartman has been doing Filipino martial arts since 1985. Over the years, he has seen many different types of training tools for martial arts. However, not many were geared specifically for the Filipino systems. He searched high and low to find the best training blades for his organization. For a short period of time, he even made his own training blades. Recently, he found a company that meets all of his demanding requirements - Vulpus Training Blades. He has partnered up with them to release the “Datu Series” trainers.

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