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Vulpes Training

Axe Handle Sword Trainer

Axe Handle Sword Trainer

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Coach Danny Terrell of Pekiti Tirsia International is a living treasure. He is a wealth of martial knowledge and a gifted mentor.  He is also known amongst PTI for his sword trainers that he crafts from hickory axe handles.   Now a polymer version is available!   Handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer, it’s well balanced and built for hard training.    27” overall length with a 19” blade and weighs 1lb.  The double beveled blade includes a choil designed for the empty hand to grasp during “half swording “ techniques.  Handle is textured for enhanced grip.  
          All our trainers are handcrafted  to order for you.  Please allow one to two weeks before shipping shipping.  Price includes free shipping in USA. 

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