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Desert Tooth: Origins Series

Desert Tooth: Origins Series

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Evolutionary Phase

    "Somewhere, on a far off and ancient world, a holy war is being fought. As blade scars bone and blood soaks sand only four words ring out over the roaring of combat and chaos.

Long live the fighters.

Now is the time to adopt the faith and carry on the tradition as you master... the desert's tooth."

       Handcrafted by Guest Maker Josh Waggoner.  Josh is an artist , author and blade smith.    The Desert Tooth is handcrafted ground from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer.   The blade has been meticulously sculpted and is matched with a hand painted handle.   While it is an exquisite costume replica , it is also more than capable of martial art training.  20” overall length.  Weighs 9oz.    
        Choose from three different styles that reflect the evolution of this iconic dagger over the generations.   

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