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Fennec Series Terrell Knife Trainer

Fennec Series Terrell Knife Trainer

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      Coach Danny Terrell of Pekiti Tirsia International is a living treasure. He is a wealth of martial knowledge and a gifted mentor.  He also has designed some great training tools and live blades.  The Terrell Knife Trainer is patterned after one of his live blade designs. It features a double edged blade matched to an ergonomic handle that allows for use in either the pikal grip or hammer grip.    The 1/2” thick polymer blade is matched with a flame treated jute wrapped handle.  The jute is soaked in marine grade resin to create a grippy and permanent , phenolic handle wrap.    A great trainer that helps the practitioner explore knife techniques in the various grip applications.   

      These are individually handcrafted to order for you   . Please allow one to two weeks before shipping. Price includes free shipping in USA

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