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The Cursed Sword (limited collaborative edition)

The Cursed Sword (limited collaborative edition)

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It's finally here.

From the notorious horror short story "Making the Most Cursed Object in History", the iconic sword is now available to own in polymer form.
This piece will hold a special meaning to those who have experienced the story many have called "deeply disturbing" and "extremely upsetting." And for some even "too graphic to finish."
Based on a template made directly from the original example by the author, this polymer interpretation retains the striking curves and contrast of its parent, while remaining much more affordable and accessible.
Whether you choose to place it on your mantle or use it as a training weapon in class, let it be a constant reminder of what happens when you toy with forces beyond your control.       
      Handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE by Vulpes Training.  The handle is wrapped by artist, author, bladesmith and Cursed Sword Designer Josh Waggoner.   Overall length of 24” .   Weighs 13oz.  

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