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Vulpes Training

Waggoner Bolo Trainer

Waggoner Bolo Trainer

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      Blade smith , author and artist and martial artist  Josh Waggoner is the designer of the popular Priscilla Bush Sword .    His custom swords , knives and kerambits are designed with a keen users knowledge. The Vulpes Training Waggoner Bolo Trainer is the only polymer trainer endorsed trainer by Josh Waggoner.
           23” overall length. 16” blade length. 13.3 oz. This trainer is handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer to give you the feel and balance of his amazing Priscilla Bush Sword. Our trainers have a more realistic weight , a better feel in the hand and balance and handling of a live blade. Upgrade your training with a better training tool. 
       These trainers are individually handcrafted custom to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping. Free Shipping in USA

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