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Cadena Elven Sword Trainer Set

Cadena Elven Sword Trainer Set

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       A collaboration between Dr. Joey Cadena and Vulpes Training : Dr. Joey Cadena Is an orthopedic physical therapy specialist, an 8th degree Kenpo Karate black belt, and Mugai Ryu Iaido practitioner. He is also a certified Jeet Kune Do Unlimited Solo Sinawali instructor and Jeet Kune Do practitioner with 30 years of martial arts experience.   
      Handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer.   This set was designed to help you develop your flow skills. Symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns are essential to the Filipino martial arts.   With their 16” blades counterbalanced by the fish tail style pommel , these sword trainer practically move themselves.    Handles are textured for enhanced grip while training.   Overall length of 24”.  Also available a single trainer on a separate listing.  
         All our trainers are individually handcrafted to order for you.  Please allow approximately weeks before shipping.   Price includes free shipping in USA. 

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