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Carnivora Nidhogg Trainer

Carnivora Nidhogg Trainer

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       Handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer.  This sword trainer walks with one foot in fantasy and the other practical design.    A well balanced and agile sword that will inspire your imagination and your martial arts skill development.  The 10” hand ground blade is matched with a flame treated jute wrapped handle.  The jute is infused with marine grade resin to create a grippy and permanent , phenolic handle wrap.  Blade has an antiqued copper patina finish.   Handle is designed for or two handed use.  Blade and pommel feature our hand textured Dragon Hide finish.  27 1/2” overall length. Weighs 1 lb 4 oz

         These are handcrafted to order for you  please allow approximately two weeks before shipping. Price includes free shipping in USA.  

        Designer Dewayne Turk distilled his love for anime and martial arts into a sword design that is awe inspiring.  Bladesmith Shany Amram Priyatna forged Dewayne’s dream into steel and the Nidhogg sword was born.   The Nidhogg is part of the Carnivora Tool collection.  
       CARNIVORA Tools is a collaborative research and development studio dedicated to figuring out the intersection point between fantastical art, functional design, and innovative and creative concepts.We work with over 30 designers from 6 different continents, 17 different countries, and 12 different faiths. We are a melting pot of ideas, cultures, theories, and life experience united under a passion for the tools that have built civilization.

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