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Vulpes Training

CWA Tirsia Sword Trainer

CWA Tirsia Sword Trainer

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      A collaboration between Tuhon Jesse and Michael Elliot of the Combat Warrior Academy ( and Jarrod Franklin of Gunfighter Custom Knives, the Live blade version of the Tirsia Ginunting was designed as both a combat sword and a capable wilderness survival tool. Any tool is only as good as it’s user , so a polymer training version is now brought to you by Vulpes Training to help you train to be the best you can be.  
      Handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer.     The 15” hand ground blade is balanced for agile response.    The handle is textured for sure grip during intense training.   This is a rugged trainer made for hard use. Overall length of 21”.   Weighs 9.5oz. 
      All our products are individually handcrafted to order for you.  Please allow one to two weeks before shipping.   Price include free shipping in USA. 

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