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Vulpes Training

Tuhon McGrath Pekiti Tirsia Long Sword Trainer

Tuhon McGrath Pekiti Tirsia Long Sword Trainer

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      A Vulpes exclusive!    This is a training sword with the attributes of a concept sword described by GT Leo Gaje to Tuhon Bill McGrath for Pekiti Tirsia applications. Vulpes Training has now made a polymer interpretation.   To learn more about this design , go to and read “How to measure Pekit-Tirsia long and short swords” by Tuhon  Bill McGrath.  
hand ground blade is matched with a flame treated jute wrapped handle.  The jute is infused with marine grade resin to create a grippy and permanent , phenolic handle wrap.   Blade and pommel feature our hand textured Dragon Hide finish.    These are tailored to be custom fit so make sure you read the article mentioned beforehand so you can supply me with your measurements.    Standard default dimensions are : 39” overall length. Blade (including choil) 26”. Weighs 1lb 14 oz.    
      These are individually handcrafted to order for you   . Please allow approximately two weeks before shipping. Price includes free shipping in USA.

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