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Chi Ling Pai® Double Hand Axe Trainer Set

Chi Ling Pai® Double Hand Axe Trainer Set

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Chi Ling Pai® Shuang Shou Fu

麒麟派 雙手斧

       Chi Ling Pai® Double Hand Axes by Wes Tasker. Wes Tasker has been a practitioner of Chi Ling Pai® (麒麟派) since 1995. One of the distinguishing weapons used in this style are the double hand axes (Shuang Shou Fu 雙手斧). These were designed by taking the basic design of the Vulpes Training “Mini Hawk Trainer” and modifying it based on various designs of Chinese axes which date back as early as the Shang Dynasty (1600 - 1046 BCE).

       These Double Hand Axes are handcrafted from 3/4” thick HDPE polymer.   The hand ground blade is matched with a flame treated jute wrapped handle.  The jute is infused with marine grade resin to create a grippy and permanent , phenolic handle wrap.   Blade and pommel feature our hand textured Dragon Hide finish. 10” overall length.  Head is 6” across. 

    These are individually handcrafted to order for you   . Please allow approximately two weeks before shipping. Price includes free shipping in USA.



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